Spring training, regaining your mojo

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Apr 112013
Worn out

Worn out

I guess this is technically the first normal spring training season I have had since I started running in 2010.  Spring of 2011 I was finishing up my Boston Marathon training and was running 40 miles a week and getting ready to taper, hardly a normal situation to be in on ordinary year. Spring of 2012 I was recovering from my Achilles heel injury and was basically starting over from scratch, also not (hopefully) a normal spring training season.

So here we are, spring of 2013. I had a successful fall spate of half marathons and then a very pleasant late fall early winter running schedule.  But as the winter progressed and the weather worsened I was forced to spend more of my running time on the treadmill then I’d like.  Although my monthly running log looks reasonable, there is no doubt to me that I did not maintain my fitness from the fall.  Perhaps it is the fact that I run in the Chi running style, but a treadmill run for me just isn’t the same as a run outside.  I don’t find it is interesting, and that results me being less motivated to run. Maybe I’ll run a little less one day or skip a day, or cut my long run short. So in the end, I have to admit that going into spring I have some catch-up to do.  I don’t think this is at all unusual, in fact if anything I am guessing this is very usual.  One of my running buddies doesn’t even run it all during the winter time and I hear that story quite a bit.

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Run Slower to Run Faster

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Feb 102013

heart rate (2)I have long suspected that I train at higher heart rates than I should.  When I go out for a run I generally start out with a short walk, then a jog and by the time I am at a half mile I am running at a fair clip.  I have learned how to listen to my body and know when I am running too fast to sustain my distance goals for the day.  When I reach that point I pull back and run just below that line, which nowadays is about a 9:30 pace.  I usually end my run with the last half mile at my 5K pace (around 8:00 pace or so).  I stop at my driveway completely spent and hope that I am recovered enough to do it all again tomorrow.  Little did I know that all that running wasn’t doing my fitness as much good as I thought.

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Determining your first marathon pace

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Aug 012012

Figuring out how fast you should try to run your first marathon is a critical exercise because if you pick the wrong pace you could very well never finish the marathon.  Add this to the fact that you actually never test your marathon pace at a marathon distance prior to the actual marathon and you have a big unknown and high risk staring you in the face.

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Vibram Five Finger Bikila LS Introduction

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May 082011

The Vibram Five Kinger show (called VFF by many) is a unique foot glove that allows you to run in a barefoot style while being protected from road hazards.  The VFF Bikila is designed especially for road running.  Here is a video introduction to the shoe and my first impressions.

For those interested in more information regarding these shoes here are some links:

Main Product Link: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/Five-Fingers-BikilaLS-Mens.htm

Best fan site on Vibram Bikila I have found:  http://birthdayshoes.com/bikila

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All About Diaphragm Cramps (“Stitches”)

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Apr 022011

A lot of runners experience what is often called “stitches”, or painful cramping below the ribs on the right or left side.  I had never really gotten a very bad stitch until my 21 mile training run for the Boston marathon.  That was the first time I had run so much downhill at once and I developed an excruciating cramp below my right rib which forced me to stop.  This spot was actually swollan and sore for 5 days following the training run.  I did a lot of googling and eventually I found what seems to be the best explanation and advice for these painful cramps.

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