May 252013

Workouts 4
Time 225 min
Walking 12.8 miles
Weights 24 min

  • mon: Long brisk walk. Walked 4.9 miles for 78 minutes . Not feeling well and my base HR is elevated 25 bhp. It was nice to get the walk in though.
  • tue: Brisk walk with sprints. Walked 5.1 miles for 85 minutes . Okay… I probably should not of done this workout. I have not been feeling well and yet I felt this drive to get out. I guess I figured that as long as it was a walk it would be fine. But almost an hour and a half of a brisk walk is perhaps too much. Add to that 6 x24 second sprints and I pushed it over the top.
  • wed: Sherwood forest loop. Walked 2.8 miles for 38 minutes . A brisk walk around y favorite loop. I am pretty sick with a cold so this is probably my last workout until I recover.
  • sun: Easy quick weight program. Lifted for 24 minutes . The quick program to just activate my muscles after several days of inactivity due to my sickness.
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