Weekly Training Report for 2012-04-01

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Mar 312012

Workouts 8
Time 410 min
Cycling 35.8 miles
Running 7.2 miles
Weights 105 min

  • mon: Full body weights. Lifted for 60 minutes . 15 reps high weight each muscle group
  • mon: Stationary bike at gym. Rode 5.0 miles for 25 minutes at 12.00 mph.
  • mon: Around neighborhood. Ran 3.2 miles for 33 minutes at 10:09 pace. Easy run around the neighborhood
  • wed: Mid week weight workout. Lifted for 45 minutes .
  • wed: Down road and back. Ran 2.0 miles for 22 minutes at 11:00 pace.
  • sat: post weight training treadmill. Ran 2.0 miles for 20 minutes at 10:00 pace.
  • sat: Full body weight training. Ran for 80 minutes . Solid workout.
  • sun: 6 Town Ride. Rode 30.8 miles for 125 minutes at 14.68 mph. Added 10 miles to last week’s route by looping through Wakefield before heading up into Reading. I got a flat in North Reading that took me about 30 minutes to repair (I stopped the timer during the fix). It seemed to get colder over the course of the ride. I need something better to protect my feet from the wind. By the end of the ride I could not feel most of my right foot. I have a 100 mile charity ride in July I hope to be ready for.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-03-25

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Mar 242012

Workouts 6
Time 260 min
Cycling 26.8 miles
Running 8.9 miles
Weights 60 min

  • mon: stationary bike in the gym. Rode 6.0 miles for 25 minutes at 14.40 mph.
  • mon: Leg and upper body strengthening. Lifted for 60 minutes . Also added supersets of front and side planks.
  • wed: Sherwood Forest and Pillings Pond. Ran 5.6 miles for 68 minutes at 12:09 pace. Hot slow jog with 4:1 run/walk ratio. Legs still sore from Sunday and they didn’t loosen up until a couple of miles. Tiring but enjoyable run.
  • wed: Lynnfield-Wakefield-Reading-Peabody-Loop. Rode 20.8 miles for 82 minutes at 15.14 mph. My legs were feeling too beat up to run so I switched to cycling for today. Gorgeous day for a ride through 5 towns. I didn’t really push this very hard. I just kept the heart and legs pumping and enjoyed the view.
  • sat: cool down. Ran 0.5 miles.
  • sat: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 24 minutes at 8:57 pace. Time test. I pushed this as hard as I could. Pretty hilly course. Legs started to burn on ascents near end and ankle is a little sore. HR/cardio seemed ok. I am pretty happy with the time.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-03-18

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Mar 172012

Workouts 4
Time 204 min
Running 15.0 miles
Weights 80 min

  • mon: legs and upper body. Lifted for 80 minutes .
  • mon: treadmill. Ran 2.0 miles.
  • wed: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.7 miles. Ran this with no walk breaks! Felt good.
  • sat: Lynnfield 10.4 mile loop. Ran 10.3 miles for 124 minutes at 12:02 pace. Ran/Walked this at a 4:1 ratio. Ran this on rested legs and fully fueled. Cardio was fine.. no breathing issues at all. Biggest problem is still stamina in legs but they didn’t start to really hurt until 9 miles. Right calf (of course) is now on ice.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-03-11

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Mar 102012

Workouts 7
Time 271 min
Running 17.2 miles
Weights 100 min

  • mon: Rebuilding strength. Lifted for 60 minutes . calf-extension, calf-raise, glute press, leg press, leg-extension, tricep-press, bicep curl, chest-press, lat-pulldown, seated-row. Then jacuzzi and steam room.
  • mon: Treadmill. Ran 2.0 miles. Warm up at the gym
  • thu: To Essex street out and back. Ran 4.4 miles for 50 minutes at 11:24 pace. Tougher run today. I dropped my walk intervals to 45 seconds and ran harder, often hitting under 10 mm pace. I was very beat up feeling at the end and my legs were sore. But, still… I had brief moments when it felt like it was pre-injury.
  • fri: 800 meter repeats. Ran 2.0 miles for 19 minutes at 9:30 pace. Cardio workout. Half mile runs with short rest breaks. I paused the timer when resting. My leg stamina seemed to be the limiting factor. My breath / HR seemed not as bad as I was expecting.
  • fri: core and upper body. Lifted for 40 minutes .
  • fri: warm up / cool down. Ran 0.7 miles.
  • sun: Lynnfield 8 mile loop. Ran 8.0 miles for 101 minutes at 12:37 pace. Fat burning long run. No carbs for 4 days before run, so I did this as a slow jog to burn fat. Lots of hills… 1400 ft of climb all told. I flamed out around mile 5 so I did visualization exercises to get me through the last three miles. I am not sure where I picked up this trick but if you picture your pain as red smoke in your body then when you breath in picture it being pulled from your feet, through your legs and into your lungs. Then when you breath out picture it streaming out of your mouth like a vaporous red fog. Very unpleasant run on a otherwise gorgeous day
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-03-04

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Mar 032012

Workouts 6
Time 273 min
Running 17.5 miles
Weights 40 min

  • mon: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.7 miles for 37 minutes at 13:50 pace. Slow jog/walk. Gorgeous day!
  • tue: Locksley-Wildwood out and back. Ran 3.0 miles for 48 minutes at 16:04 pace. Nice slow walk / run. It got cold in the fading light, but overall it was very nice out. My neighbor is going to do her first 5k at the end of April and I think I will sign up with her. Her 11 min/mile pace will be about right for me by then hopefully.
  • thu: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 33 minutes at 12:12 pace. Good run in the snow. Reduced my walk intervals from 2 minutes to 1 min.
  • fri: Leg workout with some upper body. Lifted for 40 minutes . Man I hate calf extensions. Had to set it to lowest setting for my right leg. I really wanted to get on the glute machine but some 14 yo was there for an hour. seriously? she must have a butt of steel
  • fri: Treadmill miles. Ran 2.0 miles for 24 minutes at 12:00 pace. I sure hate the treadmill, but too much ice on roads.
  • sun: long run. Ran 7.0 miles for 90 minutes at 12:50 pace. Did a little more than last week and dropped the run/walk ratio to 3:1. Great, cool, overcast day for running. All in all it felt easier than last week and I had to resist the impulse to make a turn that would have tacked on 2 more miles.
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Major regression

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Mar 012012

In September 2011 I tore my Achilles tendon in a road race.  This sidelined almost all physical activity for 6 months during which time I slipped back to over 190 pounds.  I was able to do some light exercise by rowing and using a mounted stationary bike after about 3 months, but it was a far cry from the 30 miles a week of running I was doing.  I also basically got depressed and sat on a couch and played video games and ate crap.

In February I was able to resume an active lifestyle and I started to push my weight back down.

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