Vibrams in the rain

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Aug 022012

I am finally back to running in my Vibrams.  My ankle is healed enough and my calf is strong enough to let me run with a forefoot strike in an unstructured shoe like the Vibrams.  I first tried this two weeks ago for the first time since my injury but I went too far in them and then it took 2 days to recover from the right calf pain.

It is hard to explain how freeing it is to run in foot gloves like the Vibrams.  Being able to truly feel the road beneath you is extremely liberating.

My training schedule called for an easy 4 mile run so I hit the road plugged into a new audio book “Hammered: Iron Druid Chronicles Book 3”.  I kept the pace extremely low (11:00 mm) and just enjoyed the feel the ground beneath my feet and the story I was listening too.

I was about 15 minutes in when the skies opened up and the rain started to fall.  I have to say that running in a summer rain is a joy I don’t think many appreciate.  The feeling of the cool rain washing away the sweat and body heat is wonderful.  One of these days I would like to race in the rain.