Jun 292013

Workouts 7
Time 400 min
Cycling 84.1 miles
Running 2.8 miles
Walking 4.2 miles
Weights 35 min

  • mon: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles. Nice and easy run around the neighborhood. It was pretty warm so I kept the pace slow. I’m not really concentrating on my running for a few weeks because I have my 100 mile bike ride coming up in a few weeks I want to be ready.
  • tue: Sherwood Forest Loop. Walked 2.7 miles. A brisk walk around the neighborhood.
  • sat: Fast cycle between thunderstorms. Rode 20.8 miles for 75 minutes at 16.62 mph. Interesting story, I have a pulmonary function test this morning to test for some asthma like conditions I’ve had when running. It turns out I do not have asthma. In fact my lung capacity and my oxygen management efficiency is 120% of what it should be for someone of my age, gender and weight. one thing that I learned though is that I haven’t really been breathing very well in either running or cycling. It hurts a lot to do full solid breaths, mostly because I am unaccustomed to it. So during this cycle ride today I just concentrated on really full deep breathing through my nose and what do you know… It really, really helped. I can’t wait to try better breathing with my running as well!
  • sat: Lynnfield-Wakefield-Reading-Peabody-Loop. Rode 20.6 miles for 82 minutes at 15.09 mph. Kept the speed easy since it is just the miles I need to get in.
  • sat: Down the street and back. Walked 1.5 miles. More of a stroll really.
  • sun: Lower body strength training. Lifted for 35 minutes . one-leg glut extensions, side plank leg lifts, glut extensions w/barbell at 56 lbs, hover squats, locked leg tripod balance, stiff leg bunny hops
  • sun: Hot ride. Rode 42.7 miles for 180 minutes at 14.17 mph. I got a late start and paid the price. Although it was only 82 the beating sun took its toll. When I got the point where I could either take a right and finish at 50 miles I instead took a left and went home. Still I am happy with the overall cycling miles for the week.
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