Jun 222013

Workouts 6
Time 302 min
Cycling 40.2 miles
Running 8.0 miles
Walking 4.7 miles
Weights 60 min

  • mon: Pillings Pond Run. Ran 5.2 miles for 55 minutes at 10:30 pace. Hot run in the summer heat. I took most of it slow and just enjoyed getting out on the road.
  • wed: Neighborhood walk. Walked 2.7 miles. nice medium pace walk
  • thu: Lower body strength training. Lifted for 60 minutes . Met with a trainer to set up a routine for me to use to rehab my knee and strengthen my lower body. She was able to see right away I was very imbalanced. I should be able to do 20 side plank leg lifts and I can do 2-3! And my gluts are weak too. I am psyched to get the training.. wish I had done it years ago.
  • fri: Long walk with dog. Walked 2.0 miles. Longest walk so far with my 6 month old dog Buddy. Very slow, since I am still training him to walk with me and he is very stubborn
  • fri: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles. Medium effort jog through the neighborhood. I worked on my form and foot landing. I think it made a difference in my knee. I have been running with my feet too close together and landing too much on my outer foot. I worked on widening my stance slightly and landing on the “tripod” of big toe, little toe and light pressure on my heel.
  • sat: 40 mile ride through north reading. Rode 40.2 miles for 160 minutes at 15.04 mph. Just a great day for riding! I am really glad I pushed myself to do it since I woke up and didn’t feel motivated. Just a few weeks till my century and I needed the hours in the saddle. I have a 60 mile training ride with my team next weekend.
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