Apr 272013

Workouts 6
Time 287 min
Running 18.0 miles
Core Fitness 50 min
Weights 35 min

  • tue: Lynnfield 3 mile route. Ran 3.0 miles. easy low heart rate run to start the week off.
  • wed: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 5.1 miles. A little faster run today, but still keeping HR below 150
  • thu: Power 90 Day 1 : sculpt workout. Lifted for 35 minutes . My first Power 90 workout. Mostly I spent this time learning the routine, which I think will take a few iterations. I think I got the weights wrong for a few exercises… to high for some and too light for others. The routine still kicked my ass. Lunge-Squats? ick.
  • thu: Lynnfield 3 mile route. Ran 3.0 miles. A bit tired after my first Power 90 workout so I took this jog extra slow.
  • sat: Lynnfield 6.81 mile loop. Ran 6.8 miles for 74 minutes at 10:52 pace. Great long run this morning. My average HR was 138 for this run and I ended feeling full of energy. This is a cut back week on the distance. next week will be 11 miles. 30 days until Boston’s Run to Remember.
  • sun: P90 Cardio and Abs. Exercised for 50 minutes . Good workout with my first P90 cardio / abs routine. Both workouts took a combined 40 minutes and burned 323 calories with an average HR of 120. It didn’t raise my HR anywhere near how I can push it when running, but I feel like I worked my whole body in the process, not just my legs.

    I am beginning a new 90 transformation which you can read about here: http://overthehill.me/2013/04/28/power-90-spring-2013-day-1/

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