Apr 202013

Workouts 5
Time 258 min
Running 21.7 miles
Weights 20 min

  • tue: Upper body workout. Lifted for 20 minutes . I used the weight room at the resort and got a pretty good upper body workout before I needed to head back to the room.
  • tue: Vero Beach Trail Run. Ran 3.8 miles. Great day for a run in sunny florida. I am on vacation to Vero Beach, Florida and decided to brave the 80° heat for a run outside the resort. I stumbled upon a nature preserve with trails and decided to do my first trail running ever. I am glad I did! I wore my heart monitor and kept my heart rate low for this job through the scenic countryside.
  • wed: Vero Beach Trail Run. Ran 3.8 miles. I got a late start and the sun was already pretty high in the sky before I got going. It hit about 80° and humid, but because much of this run is either on trails or on the beach I felt pretty cool the whole way. I tried mightily hard to keep my heart rate in the 130s, but the heat definitely makes that difficult and it hovered around 144 for most of the time.
  • thu: Vero Beach Trail Run. Ran 3.8 miles. Sadly this will be my last run down here in Florida. We head back home to Massachusetts tomorrow. I so much enjoyed running the trails near the resort here that I am motivated to find a similar situation back at home. It was about 85° here and pretty humid, but the cool shade of the trails and the breeze off the ocean made it manageable. My heart rate still was about 10 beats higher because of the heat so it was a little difficult to keep it in my zone. But I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
  • sat: Lynnfield 10.4 mile loop. Ran 10.3 miles for 102 minutes at 9:53 pace.
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