Mar 232013

Workouts 6
Time 283 min
Running 22.5 miles
Weights 45 min

  • mon: 6.73 Mile Lynnfield Loop. Ran 6.7 miles. Mostly slow run keeping my heart rate down. I do admit to upping the pace a few times for the fun of it. Gorgeous morning for a run!
  • tue: Full body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Switched from front facing planks to pushups (sets of 25,20, 15 and 10)
  • tue: TM Heart Rate run. Ran 3.0 miles. Easy pace run on the treadmill to keep the heart rate in the right zone.
  • thu: Treadmill miles. Ran 3.0 miles. I wasn’t feeling the love today on the TM. I couldn’t wait to get off it.
  • sat: Lake Quannapowitt. Ran 5.0 miles. My first training run with a new running buddy around the lake today. She and I will be running in Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon in the Spring. This is her first half and I said I would train with her and run with her. I had to keep asking her to slow down since she was running the long run at her race pace. It is supposed to be “Conversational Pace”, not “Con…..ver……tional….pace”
  • sun: Pillings Pond and Wildwood. Ran 4.9 miles for 42 minutes at 8:39 pace. Fast run today. Mostly a pretty good groove and I don’t feel that sore afterword. This was in my very thin “Go Run Bionics” from Sketchers. I really love these shoes and they are setting me up for some real barefoot running when the weather turns warmer.
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