Mar 092013

Workouts 7
Time 286 min
Cycling 16.0 miles
Running 14.7 miles
Weights 60 min

  • tue: Inside mounted Trek on Kinetic. Rode 16.0 miles for 50 minutes at 19.20 mph. I had this on a high gear and quick cadence but still struggled to get my heart rate up to 133. This is the first sign that the low HR training is having an effect. Or maybe I was just having a low stress day… LOL
  • tue: Upper body workout. Lifted for 30 minutes . Mostly chest, arms, shoulders, etc. A little work on the core but not a lot.
  • thu: Heart rate training on treadmill. Ran 2.5 miles. I kept my HR at 130 and watched some TV while I put in the time. I feel that I am slowely making some improvement in speed while keeping my HR low.
  • thu: Basic routine. Lifted for 30 minutes . Just some quick st son major muscle groups
  • fri: Treadmill run. Ran 2.5 miles. More slow treadmill time at a low heart rate. Nothing too exciting but I needed to get it done.
  • sat: 6.73 Mile Lynnfield Loop. Ran 6.7 miles. It was bright and sunny out so even through the snow banks crowd me into traffic I ventured out onto the roads. As usual I ran no faster than I could sustain at a target HR of 133 and enjoyed the easy (but slow) run.
  • sun: Heart rate trainnig. Ran 3.0 miles. Easy 3 miler to end the week.
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