Feb 162013

Workouts 4
Time 170 min
Running 10.4 miles
Weights 45 min

  • tue: Heart rate training. Ran 3.0 miles. Slow jog keeping my HR under 133.
  • tue: Full body. Lifted for 45 minutes . My strength is slowly improving, but I am not sure how long it will take to move from “pathetic” to “weakling”.
  • thu: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles. This was the first outside run where I was attempting to maintain a low heart rate (under 133). I found it quite a bit more difficult than on the treadmill and in some cases it seemed like I could have walked faster.
  • sun: Heart rate training on TM. Ran 3.2 miles. This was a very interesting workout because my HR seemed pretty high today. I had to walk/jog to keep my HR below 133. It could be that I changed the treadmill to 1% and was wearing heavier shoes, or it could be that my resting HR is up today due to stress or some other external force.
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