Nov 172012

Workouts 7
Time 295 min
Running 14.6 miles
Weights 150 min

  • mon: Animal Kingdom Run. Ran 3.3 miles. Double loop inside the Disney Animal Kingdom Resort. 82 degrees but extremely flat. I forget how nice it is to run on flat roads. I ran this at a hard but not overly challenging pace.
  • mon: Full body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Solid workout at the resort gym. They have a pretty good setup and I had it all to myself.
  • wed: Full body weights and core. Lifted for 60 minutes . Good, exhausting workout in the resort weight room
  • wed: Animal Kingdom Run. Ran 3.3 miles. Another run while on vacation at animal kingdom. I ran this hard, at a 5k Pace.
  • sat: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles. Nice to be home running in the cold… well, not really. I forgot to use my inhaler and started coughing after a few miles. I stopped, let my breathing calm down, and then ran with only nose breathing the rest of the way.
  • sat: Full body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Back in the home gym. More upper body than lower.
  • sun: Running around the neighborhood. Ran 3.8 miles. Just a medium pace run around the neighborhood. I spent the entire time running concentrating on my Chi Running form. I think I am making some mistakes and I seem to slip out of proper form quite a bit. I also find that I keep my form better on flat roads but mess up on hills.
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