Nov 102012

Workouts 6
Time 308 min
Running 15.9 miles
Weights 150 min

  • tue: Full Body + core. Lifted for 60 minutes . First weight workout in a while. Still feeling under the weather so I just basically worked on activating the different muscle groups.
  • wed: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles. First run after being sick since Sunday. I took it easy, nice and slow.
  • thu: TM Miles + Episode of Arrow. Ran 4.0 miles. Since I am not timing runs for a month I threw the towel over the speed readout. Kept my pace slightly higher than “nose breathing” pace. Still in recovery from my cold.
  • fri: Heavy upper body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Solid, hard upper body weight workout. I am trying something a little new after reading yet another blog. I am doing 4-5 reps of heavy weight per set, with 6-9 sets. If this works then I like it because it seems psychologically easier to do. The “pain” is spread out a lot more. Before I was doing lower weights for 15 reps and 2-3 sets and I just found I had to grit my teeth the last 5 reps per set. And that makes me do muscle workout much less than i should
  • sat: Lynnfield-Summer-Essex-Loop. Ran 7.7 miles. Started with an easy 2 miles then pumped it up to 10K pace then 5K pace. Finished very fast. I wanted a run that would take a lot out of me since tomorrow I am traveling to Florida for vacation.
  • sat: Upper body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Solid muscle workout with some core worked in.
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