Nov 032012

Workouts 3
Time 222 min
Running 22.3 miles

  • thu: Lynnfield 10K Loop. Ran 6.2 miles. I ran this very hard, race pace effort. Two days of stormy weather and no running had made me tense and I needed to feel some pain. Unfortunately I forgot to use my inhaler and had some breathing problems. When I got back I used it and it relieved the symptoms.
  • fri: Lynnfield 6 mile loop. Ran 6.0 miles. Moderate pace run with faster paces in the middle miles. Run was at twilight wearing all my reflective gear and flashing lights on back and front. My kids think I look like a Christmas tree and are a little horrified. My oldest asked me a couple of times who saw me, clearly mortified that someone will mention it as school tomorrow… “Hey Mads, I saw your daaaaad yesterday… didn’t he know Halloween was yesterday???”

    Chi Running focus for this was on foot strike positioning, attempting to always land precisely under my Column with perfect balance.

  • sat: Lynnfield 10 mile loop. Ran 10.0 miles. I wasn’t feeling this at all. I think all the side walk miles this week due to messed up streets, plus a really hard fast run on Wednesday has left me with some odd little tweaky pains. I was planning for 14 today but decided to cut it short. I will say this was a pretty dangerous route with too many fast cars, bad streets and uneven pavement. I probably won’t run this loop again.
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