Weekly Training Report for 2012-11-25

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Nov 242012

Workouts 6
Time 285 min
Running 23.0 miles
Weights 60 min

  • mon: Pillings Pond and Wildwood. Ran 4.9 miles. An all-right run, but my legs seem tired today. I can’t really explain it but I just wasn’t feeling my mojo at all today. Darn cold too.
  • tue: Locksley Rd. Ran 4.7 miles for 45 minutes at 9:44 pace. Good run, medium-hard pace. I am trying out the iphone app iSmoothRun. It has a lot of features I like, but it seems to have a few quirks too. Gorgeous day for a run with cool weather and clear sky’s, 46 °F, WC: 42 °F, 8mph NE, 71%
  • wed: Locksley Rd. Ran 2.6 miles for 23 minutes at 8:53 pace. Another gorgeous day for a run. I ran easy for first mile and then I upped the pace to 8:30 and then finished strong. I also am running for the first time in sketchers Go Run Bionics. They are a lot more padded in the Vibram five fingers but less constraining than my Saucony Kinvara threes loving them so far., 45 °F, WC: 38 °F, 14mph N, 66%
  • fri: Lynnfield 8 mile loop. Ran 8.0 miles. I went out for a jog and didn’t come back. Well I guess my wife is used to that now. I turned a fast 2.7 miler turned into a slow 8 miler since everything was grooving and I was enjoying the weather so much. I am still breaking in new shoes and am feeling a little sore now.
  • sun: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles. Nice pace run around the neighborhood. I did “nose breathing pace” for first half mile then ramped it up a bit. I finished strong and felt good in the crisp 34 degree air.
  • sun: Full body. Lifted for 60 minutes . I added a new shoulder exercise today. Its not a moment too soon because I don’t think I have ever really tried to develop them and they are weak in comparison to arm and chest.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-11-18

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Nov 172012

Workouts 7
Time 295 min
Running 14.6 miles
Weights 150 min

  • mon: Animal Kingdom Run. Ran 3.3 miles. Double loop inside the Disney Animal Kingdom Resort. 82 degrees but extremely flat. I forget how nice it is to run on flat roads. I ran this at a hard but not overly challenging pace.
  • mon: Full body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Solid workout at the resort gym. They have a pretty good setup and I had it all to myself.
  • wed: Full body weights and core. Lifted for 60 minutes . Good, exhausting workout in the resort weight room
  • wed: Animal Kingdom Run. Ran 3.3 miles. Another run while on vacation at animal kingdom. I ran this hard, at a 5k Pace.
  • sat: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles. Nice to be home running in the cold… well, not really. I forgot to use my inhaler and started coughing after a few miles. I stopped, let my breathing calm down, and then ran with only nose breathing the rest of the way.
  • sat: Full body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Back in the home gym. More upper body than lower.
  • sun: Running around the neighborhood. Ran 3.8 miles. Just a medium pace run around the neighborhood. I spent the entire time running concentrating on my Chi Running form. I think I am making some mistakes and I seem to slip out of proper form quite a bit. I also find that I keep my form better on flat roads but mess up on hills.
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Animal Kingdom

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Nov 122012

Vacationing in Florida with the family at Animal Kingdom. Really nice to run in warm weather and flat roads with pretty views. No humidity this time of year makes it even nicer.

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Weekly Training Report for 2012-11-11

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Nov 102012

Workouts 6
Time 308 min
Running 15.9 miles
Weights 150 min

  • tue: Full Body + core. Lifted for 60 minutes . First weight workout in a while. Still feeling under the weather so I just basically worked on activating the different muscle groups.
  • wed: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles. First run after being sick since Sunday. I took it easy, nice and slow.
  • thu: TM Miles + Episode of Arrow. Ran 4.0 miles. Since I am not timing runs for a month I threw the towel over the speed readout. Kept my pace slightly higher than “nose breathing” pace. Still in recovery from my cold.
  • fri: Heavy upper body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Solid, hard upper body weight workout. I am trying something a little new after reading yet another blog. I am doing 4-5 reps of heavy weight per set, with 6-9 sets. If this works then I like it because it seems psychologically easier to do. The “pain” is spread out a lot more. Before I was doing lower weights for 15 reps and 2-3 sets and I just found I had to grit my teeth the last 5 reps per set. And that makes me do muscle workout much less than i should
  • sat: Lynnfield-Summer-Essex-Loop. Ran 7.7 miles. Started with an easy 2 miles then pumped it up to 10K pace then 5K pace. Finished very fast. I wanted a run that would take a lot out of me since tomorrow I am traveling to Florida for vacation.
  • sat: Upper body workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . Solid muscle workout with some core worked in.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-11-04

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Nov 032012

Workouts 3
Time 222 min
Running 22.3 miles

  • thu: Lynnfield 10K Loop. Ran 6.2 miles. I ran this very hard, race pace effort. Two days of stormy weather and no running had made me tense and I needed to feel some pain. Unfortunately I forgot to use my inhaler and had some breathing problems. When I got back I used it and it relieved the symptoms.
  • fri: Lynnfield 6 mile loop. Ran 6.0 miles. Moderate pace run with faster paces in the middle miles. Run was at twilight wearing all my reflective gear and flashing lights on back and front. My kids think I look like a Christmas tree and are a little horrified. My oldest asked me a couple of times who saw me, clearly mortified that someone will mention it as school tomorrow… “Hey Mads, I saw your daaaaad yesterday… didn’t he know Halloween was yesterday???”

    Chi Running focus for this was on foot strike positioning, attempting to always land precisely under my Column with perfect balance.

  • sat: Lynnfield 10 mile loop. Ran 10.0 miles. I wasn’t feeling this at all. I think all the side walk miles this week due to messed up streets, plus a really hard fast run on Wednesday has left me with some odd little tweaky pains. I was planning for 14 today but decided to cut it short. I will say this was a pretty dangerous route with too many fast cars, bad streets and uneven pavement. I probably won’t run this loop again.
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Nighttime Running

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Nov 012012

Can’t avoid night running anymore. All geared up with head lamp, reflective suspenders and flashing lights fore and aft. Most cars don’t try to kill me, but I’m not sure what they are saying when they flash their high beams at me.

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