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Oct 292012

When I saw that there was a Chi Running workshop being held only half an hour from my house I was very excited.  When I saw that it would be taught by Danny Dreyer himself I was ecstatic.  I had been dabbling in Chi Running for quite a while and had recently started to take it more seriously.  The opportunity to be taught in person by the founder of this innovative style of running was one I could not afford to pass up.  The date was for one day before the Baystate Half-Marathon and I was concerned that I would be very wiped out following an all-day running workshop.  I wrote to the coordinators of the workshop and they assured me that there was very little actual running and my legs would be fresh the next day.  This was both true and not entirely true, but I will get back to that in a bit.

My expectations for the workshop were very high.  Although I had read the book and watched the DVD, I was struggling with many of the concepts and I was convinced my technique was inherently flawed.  I was right.  In retrospect I can say that the book is completely accurate and I am sure that many readers get everything they need to master Chi Running by reading the book and following its drills.  I must be in the rare minority of people for whom both the book and DVD were not sufficient.  All through the workshop I had these light bulbs going off in my head as I finally connected what I knew which how it felt.

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