Oct 132012

Workouts 9
Time 344 min
Running 23.2 miles
Walking 3.0 miles
Weights 45 min

  • mon: Around neighborhood. Ran 4.0 miles for 40 minutes at 10:00 pace. Endurance run (easy). Kept my HR low and just had an easy jog around the neighborhood.
  • mon: warm up / cool down. Walked 1.0 miles for 20 minutes .
  • tue: Full body + core workout. Lifted for 45 minutes . It has been too long since I did weight training. I am going to be sore!
  • thu: Around neighborhood. Ran 4.5 miles for 44 minutes at 10:02 pace. My legs are bothering me a lot this week. I have a knot in my right calf and my left ITB is really tight. Not sure what is going on but I don’t like it.
  • thu: Cool down. Walked 0.5 miles for 10 minutes .
  • sat: cool down. Walked 0.5 miles for 10 minutes .
  • sat: Local roads. Ran 4.7 miles for 46 minutes at 9:57 pace. I used a cadence metronome for the first time in a long while. I kept it at a solid 180 foot strikes per minute and altered stride length to control speed. I also attempted to keep this run in the endurance workout range of 9:40 – 10:35 (as calculated by the McMillan running calculator). All in all a nice easy run that did not leave me tired or sore.
  • sun: warmup / cooldown. Walked 1.0 miles for 20 minutes .
  • sun: Treadmill miles. Ran 10.0 miles for 108 minutes at 10:48 pace. God how do people run so many miles on treadmills? Borrrrrring. And thats with watching TV the whole time. But it was 42 degrees and pouring this morning and I didn’t see how I was going to get the run done outside. This upcoming week I am tapering in preparation for the Bay State 13.1 run next weekend. I think I am ready… I just need my legs to be strong and they are still feeling beat up.
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