Sep 222012

Workouts 4
Time 263 min
Running 25.7 miles

  • wed: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 40 minutes at 9:36 pace. First run since the half marathon on Sunday. It went pretty well, but there was some things I didn’t like about it also. I think I still have some leg fatigue since I tired more rapidly than I usual.
  • thu: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.3 miles for 44 minutes at 10:08 pace. I think the run went well. I am still trying to find a pace that is slow enough that I can run more miles per week. I think this was too fast for that, so it was an interesting experiment. In other words the effort, heart rate and leg fatigue at this pace was “moderate” for me and therefor too hard to be categorized as “easy” miles. Does that make sense?
  • sat: Running for miles. Ran 5.5 miles for 59 minutes at 10:46 pace. My new mantra.. its all about the miles, not the pace. I tried to keep my heart rate down but i did let it creep up a bit last 2 miles. I would like to finish a run with my average HR under 150.
  • sun: Running for miles. Ran 11.6 miles for 119 minutes at 10:16 pace. Ran the first half at 11:30 pace and 140 heart rate, then bumped it up to 9:30 pace at 166 heartrate. Finished last half mile at 8:30 pace and 180 heart rate. And yes thats not even my max HR, which is a rediculously high 205. I am tired, but I am going into a rest week before my half-marathon next Sunday
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