Aug 042012

Workouts 5
Time 278 min
Running 19.5 miles
Weights 60 min

  • wed: Lynnfield 3 mile route. Ran 3.0 miles for 28 minutes at 9:24 pace. Pace run. Quick 3 miler at half-marathon pace. Next two days I need to slow it down to 10:30-11:00 minute pace.
  • thu: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 46 minutes at 11:03 pace. Jogging for miles in the rain. Schedule is another slow 3 tomorrow then 7 on Sat. Oddly my HR high for such a low effort.
  • sat: Peabody Independence Greenway. Ran 7.0 miles for 78 minutes at 11:13 pace. Goal was a low heart rate long run. I drove the the greenway and was running by 5:30 am. Even then it was 80 degrees and soupy with humidity. I basically fought to keep my HR under 150 but it kept creeping up to 160. I went through two 22 oz bottles of water w/electrolytes. I also forgot to wear bandaids and with my sweat soaked shirt I ended up with bloody nipples ugh.
  • sun: Full body. Lifted for 60 minutes . Full body + core + stretching. 2 sets of 15 reps each of all muscle groups.
  • sun: Pillings Pond Run. Ran 5.2 miles for 65 minutes at 12:24 pace. Slow recovery jog in the blazing heat and humidity (heat index 97 degrees). I just kept it slow and steady and sipped my hydration. I ended up taking a longer route than I was planning because I felt fine (although hot).
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