Jun 302012

Workouts 4
Time 473 min
Cycling 92.4 miles
Running 11.0 miles

  • mon: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 48 minutes at 11:22 pace. Jogging for miles. Kept it slow and steady and rocked out to my tunes.
  • wed: 6.73 Mile Lynnfield Loop. Ran 6.7 miles for 69 minutes at 10:15 pace. Decent steady state run on a fairly hilly course. Weather is nice and cool, perfect for a run. My ankle held up well. I am beginning to think I am turning a corner!
  • fri: Lynnfield and North Reading. Rode 21.3 miles for 74 minutes at 17.16 mph. Logging miles on the bike on a gorgeous summer afternoon. I pushed this aggressively to keep my cardio up. I tried to keep the flats over 19 mph. I saw lots of people out and about running, skating and biking. That is one thing I love about summer because during the winter I almost never see anyone out when I am doing my runs.
  • sat: Developing long ride strategy. Rode 71.1 miles for 282 minutes at 15.10 mph.
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