Jun 182012

I drove up to Milton NH to meet with the “Proud Prouty Peeps” charity bike team.  We are training for the Prouty century in July and needed a few more long rides to get the stamina and training in.  The plan was to wind ourselves up into Maine and get to my Dad’s place, break for lunch and then take an alternate route back.  The group today was my sister Shelby, her husband Dave, his brother Dan and Dan’s fiancé Jess.  Dave and Dan are identical twins.

It was a really gorgeous day, basically perfect biking weather.  A light breeze, gorgeous skies and nice landscapes consisting of rivers, streams, lakes and mountains.   I was trying out my new patriotic jersey which unfortunately turned out to be less comfortable than my boring Pearl Izumi white jersey.  No real surprise there because whats better than Izumi for cycling clothes?

I also was trying HammerHeed to mix with my water for hydration.  This is long chain carbohydrates plus electrolytes.  I went with bubble gum flavor and I can’t say I enjoyed that very much.  It did seem to hold off the hungry horrors however, so I will try it a few more time and see if it holds up.

The ride was just the right length at just the right time in our schedule.  We had a few mechanical difficulties and there were a lot of hills at the end that taxed us, but I think it was all good.  A few more long rides and we will be ready for the Prouty!

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