Jun 162012

Workouts 5
Time 331 min
Cycling 62.5 miles
Running 6.9 miles

  • tue: Locksley loop plus fletcher. Ran 3.7 miles for 40 minutes at 10:50 pace. Jogging for miles on tired legs. Looks like I will be forced to take a rest day tomorrow. I have a 50 mile cycle trip planned on Sat so I need to plan for that. I may need to rest the legs Thursday and Friday so I don’t bonk. I have 5 weeks to be ready for the 100 mile Prouty charity ride.
  • tue: Lynnfield and Peabody Bike Path. Rode 12.1 miles for 42 minutes at 17.21 mph. Legs are tired from running so I switched to cycling tonight. I pushed the pace on the flats but there are a a lot of hills and grades on this course. I had planned a complete rest day but since tomorrow is supposed to rain I pushed it off a day.
  • thu: cool down. Ran 0.5 miles for 12 minutes at 24:00 pace.
  • thu: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.7 miles for 27 minutes at 10:05 pace. Nice run at the end of a long, stressfull day. I needed that.
  • sat: Milton New Hampshire Loop. Rode 50.4 miles for 209 minutes at 14.40 mph. Training ride with the “Wicked Awesome Prouty Peeps 2012”. Five of us rode this hilly course (1700 ft ascents and descents) on stunning day for riding. In addition to daily miles we plan a 62 and possibly an 80 mile ride to be ready for the 100 mile century in a month.

    I have to say I felt really good today. I am 15-20 years older than the other 4 and I totally held my own on all aspects of the ride including seemingly endless crushing hills. My cardio held up really solid, only my legs started to weaken and I ended up downshifting into lower 10 gears a few times near the end when I didnt want to get out of the saddle to power over the crowns of the hills.

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