Jun 022012

Workouts 8
Time 352 min
Running 20.9 miles
Walking 13 min
Weights 120 min

  • mon: Lynnfield 10K Loop. Ran 6.2 miles for 70 minutes at 11:17 pace. Jog in the sun. Hot day but at least it was not humid. I did this with walk run intervals of 4 minutes running 1 min walking. Running was at a 10:00 pace. The rest breaks helps my ankle not get irritated but I still get a better cardio workout than jogging the whole thing at 11:30 pace.

    BTW my massage therapist says my right tendon feels “loose”. Does anyone have experience with Achilles rupture recovery and know if ths this “normal” after 8 months?

  • wed: Cool down . Walked for 13 minutes .
  • wed: Full body. Lifted for 45 minutes .
  • wed: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 29 minutes at 10:39 pace. Solid state run in hot humid weather. No walk breaks. Mostly concentrated on heart rate and form.
  • fri: Lynnfield-Summer-Essex-Loop. Ran 7.2 miles for 75 minutes at 10:25 pace. Solid state run no walking. It was 73 and not humid and with a pleasant breeze. I found the run difficult, with my HR around 160 bpm on flats and 172 on hills. My ankle bothered me and I was constantly aware of my weaker right leg and lack of breath on what I felt should be an easy pace. I ended feeling very tired and sore and discouraged. I am sure my spirits will lift with a good nights sleep.
  • sat: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 25 minutes at 9:14 pace. 6 am run with cool temps in the pouring rain. This run went by the numbers and I felt really solid the whole time. This was 1:29 slower than my PR on this route 11 months ago.
  • sun: fully body. Lifted for 75 minutes .
  • sun: track at gym. Ran 2.0 miles for 20 minutes at 10:00 pace.
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