Weekly Training Report for 2012-07-01

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Jun 302012

Workouts 4
Time 473 min
Cycling 92.4 miles
Running 11.0 miles

  • mon: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 48 minutes at 11:22 pace. Jogging for miles. Kept it slow and steady and rocked out to my tunes.
  • wed: 6.73 Mile Lynnfield Loop. Ran 6.7 miles for 69 minutes at 10:15 pace. Decent steady state run on a fairly hilly course. Weather is nice and cool, perfect for a run. My ankle held up well. I am beginning to think I am turning a corner!
  • fri: Lynnfield and North Reading. Rode 21.3 miles for 74 minutes at 17.16 mph. Logging miles on the bike on a gorgeous summer afternoon. I pushed this aggressively to keep my cardio up. I tried to keep the flats over 19 mph. I saw lots of people out and about running, skating and biking. That is one thing I love about summer because during the winter I almost never see anyone out when I am doing my runs.
  • sat: Developing long ride strategy. Rode 71.1 miles for 282 minutes at 15.10 mph.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-06-24

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Jun 232012

Workouts 7
Time 269 min
Running 21.0 miles
Weights 45 min

  • mon: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 30 minutes at 10:50 pace. Slow recovery jog after yesterdays effort. Felt good to just get the blood pumping. Tried to be easy on the legs and took hills using super slow pace and tiny tride length. I basically tried to keep my HR as low as possible but still be jogging.
  • mon: Upper body and core. Lifted for 45 minutes . Got my front facing plank to 1:30! Added chest fly on core ball to add some pain. Otherwise normal workout.
  • mon: Locksley-Summer-Wildwood. Ran 4.8 miles for 53 minutes at 10:58 pace. Jogging for miles. Kept it slow and kept HR in the zone.
  • thu: 100 degree slog fest. Ran 3.7 miles for 48 minutes at 13:00 pace. hot hot hot. I ran practically as slow as I could so I would not overheat. I also ran through 4 sprinklers and emptied my 22 oz water bottle. I still netted down a pound of water weight.
  • sat: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 45 minutes at 10:39 pace. A little too humid for comfort, but a good run nonetheless. I had planned a long run at dawn but it poured all morning.
  • sun: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 25 minutes at 9:03 pace. doubled up with a second run for the day. When I saw the temperature drop after the thunderstorms I had to lace up so I could remember what it is like to run in cool weather.
  • sun: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.7 miles for 23 minutes at 8:49 pace. Quick run this morning before it gets too hot. My guess is I ran too fast and my ankle will be acting up later. Sometimes it is hard to hold back.
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60 Mile Training Ride in NH & ME

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Jun 182012

I drove up to Milton NH to meet with the “Proud Prouty Peeps” charity bike team.  We are training for the Prouty century in July and needed a few more long rides to get the stamina and training in.  The plan was to wind ourselves up into Maine and get to my Dad’s place, break for lunch and then take an alternate route back.  The group today was my sister Shelby, her husband Dave, his brother Dan and Dan’s fiancé Jess.  Dave and Dan are identical twins.

It was a really gorgeous day, basically perfect biking weather.  A light breeze, gorgeous skies and nice landscapes consisting of rivers, streams, lakes and mountains.   I was trying out my new patriotic jersey which unfortunately turned out to be less comfortable than my boring Pearl Izumi white jersey.  No real surprise there because whats better than Izumi for cycling clothes?

I also was trying HammerHeed to mix with my water for hydration.  This is long chain carbohydrates plus electrolytes.  I went with bubble gum flavor and I can’t say I enjoyed that very much.  It did seem to hold off the hungry horrors however, so I will try it a few more time and see if it holds up.

The ride was just the right length at just the right time in our schedule.  We had a few mechanical difficulties and there were a lot of hills at the end that taxed us, but I think it was all good.  A few more long rides and we will be ready for the Prouty!

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Weekly Training Report for 2012-06-17

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Jun 162012

Workouts 5
Time 331 min
Cycling 62.5 miles
Running 6.9 miles

  • tue: Locksley loop plus fletcher. Ran 3.7 miles for 40 minutes at 10:50 pace. Jogging for miles on tired legs. Looks like I will be forced to take a rest day tomorrow. I have a 50 mile cycle trip planned on Sat so I need to plan for that. I may need to rest the legs Thursday and Friday so I don’t bonk. I have 5 weeks to be ready for the 100 mile Prouty charity ride.
  • tue: Lynnfield and Peabody Bike Path. Rode 12.1 miles for 42 minutes at 17.21 mph. Legs are tired from running so I switched to cycling tonight. I pushed the pace on the flats but there are a a lot of hills and grades on this course. I had planned a complete rest day but since tomorrow is supposed to rain I pushed it off a day.
  • thu: cool down. Ran 0.5 miles for 12 minutes at 24:00 pace.
  • thu: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.7 miles for 27 minutes at 10:05 pace. Nice run at the end of a long, stressfull day. I needed that.
  • sat: Milton New Hampshire Loop. Rode 50.4 miles for 209 minutes at 14.40 mph. Training ride with the “Wicked Awesome Prouty Peeps 2012”. Five of us rode this hilly course (1700 ft ascents and descents) on stunning day for riding. In addition to daily miles we plan a 62 and possibly an 80 mile ride to be ready for the 100 mile century in a month.

    I have to say I felt really good today. I am 15-20 years older than the other 4 and I totally held my own on all aspects of the ride including seemingly endless crushing hills. My cardio held up really solid, only my legs started to weaken and I ended up downshifting into lower 10 gears a few times near the end when I didnt want to get out of the saddle to power over the crowns of the hills.

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180 Pounds, 24% Body Fat (43 pounds of fat)

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Jun 112012

I have “undone” most of the weight I gained while I was injured.  I am recommitted to pushing my percent body fat down into “lean” category, no matter how long it takes and how hard that is to do. I am still “obese” by one chart and “overweight” on all other charts.  I need to get to under 21% fat to be at the high end of “normal”

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Weekly Training Report for 2012-06-10

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Jun 092012

Workouts 6
Time 325 min
Cycling 25.0 miles
Running 18.5 miles

  • tue: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 50 minutes at 11:51 pace. Jogging for miles. Slow, steady pace no stopping. Just kept breath at conversational pace. No ankle pain.
  • wed: Cooldown. Ran 0.5 miles for 15 minutes at 30:00 pace.
  • wed: 8 x 800 meter repeats. Ran 4.0 miles for 36 minutes at 9:00 pace. Interval run with walk breaks between. Nice rested legs so I thought I would get my heart rate going. Worked on form and kick.
  • thu: Drowning in the rain. Ran 4.2 miles for 40 minutes at 9:38 pace. Serious downpour on this run. I had to keep jumping up on sidewalks to avoid puddles collecting rapidly in the gutter. 64 degrees and rain isn’t bad really with today’s running clothes since all the moister wicking fabric doesn’t hold on to the rainwater. The only issue I really had was with no hat I had rain stinging my eyes.
  • sat: Habitat for Humanity Ride. Rode 25.0 miles for 130 minutes at 11.49 mph. Charity ride with some friends on the south shore to benefit Habitat for Humanity. It was a gorgeous day for a ride though beautiful towns and along the coastline.
  • sun: Peabody Independence Greenway. Ran 5.5 miles for 52 minutes at 9:33 pace. Started the run tired and then the heat wore me down. Still it was a gorgeous day and I kept a decent pace.
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Weekly Training Report for 2012-06-03

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Jun 022012

Workouts 8
Time 352 min
Running 20.9 miles
Walking 13 min
Weights 120 min

  • mon: Lynnfield 10K Loop. Ran 6.2 miles for 70 minutes at 11:17 pace. Jog in the sun. Hot day but at least it was not humid. I did this with walk run intervals of 4 minutes running 1 min walking. Running was at a 10:00 pace. The rest breaks helps my ankle not get irritated but I still get a better cardio workout than jogging the whole thing at 11:30 pace.

    BTW my massage therapist says my right tendon feels “loose”. Does anyone have experience with Achilles rupture recovery and know if ths this “normal” after 8 months?

  • wed: Cool down . Walked for 13 minutes .
  • wed: Full body. Lifted for 45 minutes .
  • wed: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 29 minutes at 10:39 pace. Solid state run in hot humid weather. No walk breaks. Mostly concentrated on heart rate and form.
  • fri: Lynnfield-Summer-Essex-Loop. Ran 7.2 miles for 75 minutes at 10:25 pace. Solid state run no walking. It was 73 and not humid and with a pleasant breeze. I found the run difficult, with my HR around 160 bpm on flats and 172 on hills. My ankle bothered me and I was constantly aware of my weaker right leg and lack of breath on what I felt should be an easy pace. I ended feeling very tired and sore and discouraged. I am sure my spirits will lift with a good nights sleep.
  • sat: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 25 minutes at 9:14 pace. 6 am run with cool temps in the pouring rain. This run went by the numbers and I felt really solid the whole time. This was 1:29 slower than my PR on this route 11 months ago.
  • sun: fully body. Lifted for 75 minutes .
  • sun: track at gym. Ran 2.0 miles for 20 minutes at 10:00 pace.
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