May 122012

Workouts 7
Time 337 min
Cycling 34.4 miles
Running 13.0 miles
Weights 75 min

  • mon: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 50 minutes at 11:51 pace. This did not go well. My calves were still hurting from this weekend and yet I decided that I could go for a run. I made it 3+ miles before leg pain made me stop. I walked the rest of the way home.
  • wed: Upper body + core workout. Lifted for 75 minutes .
  • thu: Miles on elliptical. Ran 2.0 miles for 20 minutes at 10:00 pace. Continued aerobic workout
  • thu: Running workout. Ran 1.0 miles for 9 minutes at 9:45 pace. Made it a mile down the road and my left knee started having pain. Stopped and walked home.
  • fri: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 25 minutes at 9:13 pace. Several aborted attempts caused knee pain again. Then I fixed my stride so my feet landed under me properly. Pain went away immediately. The second I let my feet strike in front of me the pain returns. It feels wierd because I almost feel like I am landing behind me, but that is of course impossible. Goes to show I really was heal striking and it took knee pain to make me see that.
  • sat: Three mile out and back. Ran 3.0 miles for 27 minutes at 9:14 pace. Really solid run. I concentrated on form, making sure my feet land under my center and worked on my kick. My hamstrings are sore. Another consequence to having my feet land under me and adding more oomph to my kick.
  • sun: Multi town ride. Rode 34.4 miles for 129 minutes at 15.94 mph. Since my calfs and hammys were burned out I switched to cycling today. Great ride on a gorgeous 80 degree day. I was very happy with my cardio as my HR stayed around 140 except on a few of the harder hills. I would have gone further but I got hungry and ran out of water.
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