Apr 212012

Workouts 6
Time 386 min
Cycling 19.1 miles
Running 14.4 miles
Weights 155 min

  • mon: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 32 minutes at 11:36 pace. Slow recovery jog. Painful.
  • tue: 800 meter repeats. Ran 2.0 miles for 15 minutes at 7:50 pace. Pushed myself hard for this run on a hilly road. Almost puked on the first half mile. I also felt winded for an hour after I was done. But it felt “good” in a way
  • tue: Full body workout. Lifted for 75 minutes . Good full body gym workout. I can tell I am getting stronger. My wife said the other day that my shoulders looked broader 🙂
  • wed: Wakefield-reading-lynnfield loop. Rode 19.1 miles for 73 minutes at 15.50 mph. I was feeling just overall too sore to run so I switched to cycling today. The ride started out cold but as I got going it was balanced out by my exertion.
  • thu: Fully body workout. Lifted for 80 minutes . Solid workout. Added more core and shoulder work. Increased all weights 5 pounds from last week. My right calf extension is now only 20 pounds behind my left.
  • sat: Lake Quannapowitt loops. Ran 9.6 miles for 110 minutes at 11:26 pace. Ran this at a 10:15 pace with a 1 min walk every 4 minutes. I was feeling pretty good until third lap when my right ankle/calf started acting up. I think I was not recovered from weight training on Thursday. I ran with 2 ladies from the Lynnfield/Wakefield running club and it was nice to share the time with people. http://www.runaroundtown.org
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