Nov 122011

Workouts 3
Time 111 min
Running 9.5 miles

  • tue: walk and “jog”. Ran 1.5 miles for 32 minutes at 21:46 pace. I am moving much better. I was able to do a cleaner form as I trundled along slowely. Physical therepy is going very well also.I can feel the strength in my ankle improving rapidly.
  • fri: walk and jog. Ran 3.0 miles for 44 minutes at 14:40 pace. It turns out that it is easier for me to run than walk! Because I run with the Pose method, I pull my feet up after a very light tap… hardly uses the Achilles. I walked up the hills and jogged the rest.
  • sun: elliptical. Ran 5.0 miles for 35 minutes at 7:06 pace. I can finally use the elliptical since the bend of my ankle is within my new limits. I was able to get a good workout with my HR in the right range.
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