Nov 052011

Workouts 3
Time 67 min
Cycling 9.2 miles
Running 1.5 miles

  • mon: indoor mounted bike. Rode 4.2 miles for 15 minutes at 16.80 mph. Didn’t go well with the bike today. I had to stop after 15 minutes because of ankle issues.
  • thu: indoor mounted bike. Rode 5.0 miles for 20 minutes at 15.00 mph. OK.. leg sore from physical therapy
  • sun: walk and “jog”. Ran 1.5 miles for 32 minutes at 21:46 pace. Yes indeed it took me 32 minutes to go 1.47 miles, but it was under my own power without crutches or a boot. I tried to make it a workout by taking fast tiny steps and pretending I was running an 8:00 min pace. My Achilles tendon has reconnected but lacks most of its strength. It will take another 2 months to reform all the muscle connections. I am hugely happy about today though because I feel that what I did uses much of the cardio and muscles I need to retain some running conditioning during the rest of the healing.
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