Oct 292011

Workouts 5
Time 155 min
Cycling 21.0 miles
Rowing 7.5 miles

  • wed: Rowing machine. Rowed 7.0 km for 40 minutes at 6.52 mph. Pretty good row I am hoping my doctor will say it is ok to start bracnig both feet in stirrups
  • sat: on inside mounted bike. Rode 7.0 miles for 30 minutes at 14.00 mph. I got the all clear to start cycling on a stationary bike. I got an indoor trainer and mounted my road bike. It was a little scary and my ankle tired quickly and started to let my foot pitch all over the place. I stopped at that point.
  • sat: rowing machine. Rowed 2.3 km for 20 minutes at 4.29 mph. I am now rowing in proper alignment, with both feet braced in stirrups. Wow makes a huge difference and feel great.
  • sun: Indoor mounted road bike. Rode 14.0 miles for 50 minutes at 16.80 mph. Great ride with no ankle issues. My right foot is still too swollen to fit into my biking shoes so I had to use tennis shoes. Nice ride.
  • sun: rowing machine. Rowed 2.7 km for 15 minutes at 6.71 mph. Tacked on some rowing to finish out the cardio workout.
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