Oct 012011

Workouts 2
Time 84 min
Rowing 8.2 miles

  • fri: Time to change it up. Rowed 6.2 km for 40 minutes at 5.78 mph. Starting to design my workout routines for the next X months while I am recovering from Achilles rupture. First in my arsonal is my rowing machine. I let my gimpy leg rest on the side and row ad normal… I think I will try putting it on a skateboard and see if it can roll back and forth as I row.
  • sun: row, row, row the boat (machine). Rowed 7.0 km for 44 minutes at 5.88 mph. Good row. In other news I have mastered going up the stairs in crutches and am starting to feel pretty confident about going down stairs. The first step down is the mos terrifying.
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