Sep 032011

Workouts 5
Time 71 min
Running 14.2 miles

  • mon: Running workout. Ran 3.2 miles. Went to a massage therpist on Sat afternoon and she loosened the knots (again) in my calf. So I decided to dust off my elliptical machine. I was able to do 3.2 miles on that at 180 RPM (same cadence as my footstrikes running). I feel that I was able to exercise a lot of my body’s machinery without engaging my soleus muscle.

    Maybe this is what I can do to train for the October half marathons while my calf heals? What do you think?

  • wed: Recovery jog. Ran 2.0 miles. Slow recovery jog. I was able to get through this without cramping
  • thu: Recovery jog. Ran 2.0 miles. Feeling better. Calf is tight and only twinges a little.
  • sat: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 42 minutes at 10:04 pace. Good jog. First real jog without pain in 7 weeks. I pulled back whenever my breath became labored. Sad to say 2 months ago I could run this at 8:15 pace. But the important point is that as long as I don’t do something stupid I should be able to resume training slowly and then ramp it up.
  • sun: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.8 miles for 29 minutes at 10:30 pace. Easy run through the neighborhood. Calf feels tender but OK.
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