Aug 202011

Workouts 4
Time 134 min
Cycling 36.3 miles
Running 3.5 miles

  • wed: Cycling workout. Rode 20.8 miles for 77 minutes at 16.00 mph. It felt good to do something that got the heart pumping. Being sidelined from running has depressed me, so I treated myself to a new bike. Trek Madone 5.2. I was fitted last week when I picked it up, but I wasn’t healthy enough to ride until today. It felt like a dream! It is hard to explain, but this bike is so much better than my Novara Divano it is like flying compared to walking. My goal is to take swimming lessons this winter (I swim very badly) and then do my first triathlon in the Spring.
  • fri: Rehab walk / Jog. Ran 2.0 miles. 1 mile walk followed by 100 yard jogs / walks. Right calf started cramping on 2nd 100 yard jog. Walked rest of the way home.
  • sun: Rehab walk/jog. Ran 1.5 miles. Half mile walk followed by 100 yard jog /walk combos. Right calf felt tight but did not cramp. Finished feeling in better spirits. did half hour of rolling and stretching.
  • sun: Lynnfield-Wakefield-Reading-Loop. Rode 15.5 miles for 56 minutes at 16.46 mph. Great day for a cycle! Didn’t have time for the longer route so did the shorter. Some more hills in this route than the other. Saw lots of runners and paced them briefly to tell them about the new running club and the website. Most seemed interested… only one old guy was less than pleasant.. “I don’t know you” he gruffly told me. LOL.
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