Jul 092011

Workouts 4
Time 150 min
Running 17.6 miles

  • tue: Montreal bike path. Ran 3.0 miles. Went fo a jog this morning when I got up. I dont’ really kn ow the city but I found a bike path and ran on that. It went pretty well although it is pretty humid.
  • fri: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 41 minutes at 9:43 pace. Had some stomach issues
  • sat: Sherwood Forest Loop. Ran 2.7 miles for 24 minutes at 8:57 pace. Fast run in the VFF’s
  • sun: Lynnfield-Summer-Essex-Loop. Ran 7.7 miles for 85 minutes at 11:05 pace. It was too hot and I was still tired from last night’s run. It went from 72 to 81 in an hour. I need to figure out some way to get these summer long runs done. Maybe I need to start leaving before dawn?
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