Jun 262011

I signed up for the inaugural run of the Boston Athletic Association’s 10k race because I just knew I could not miss out of the beginning of a new running tradition in Boston.  With this race the B.A.A now hosts a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and of course the famous Boston Marathon.  All except the marathon are open to all public in a first come first serve basis and usually sell out almost immediately.  I used their website to reserve my place as soon as they were accepting signups, and even so my number was 407.  Somehow 407 people snagged numbers in the 1 minute it took me to fill out the online form!.

I found the setup to really well done on the Boston Common, with all the quality one comes to expect from the Boston Athletic Association.  They had live music, bathrooms, bag check and plenty to drink.  Here is the video I took which offers a lot more information about the race:

The following are some pictures from the day:

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