Jun 042011

Workouts 7
Time 289 min
Cycling 35.1 miles
Running 18.2 miles

  • mon: Down road and back. Ran 2.0 miles for 20 minutes at 10:00 pace. I spent the 2 miles practicing the POSE technique in my VFF. It went really, really well. As soon as I fell out of form I would slow down, get back in and then accelerate. I can tell when I am out of form because it get twice as hard to run. Used a metronome to guarantee every step of the two miles was at a 180 BBM cadence, even when jogging in place.
  • tue: Down the road and back. Ran 2.0 miles for 17 minutes at 8:45 pace. Just a 2 mile run to practice POSE form. I wore my trainers today and it was markedly harder than the VFF due to shoe weight. I am also on a PSMF diet (protein sparing modified fast) so I am low on energy as expected. I did like that pace though.. I don’t have any runs on DM at that pace, so POSE is making me happy.
  • wed: Around Neighborhood. Ran 2.6 miles for 26 minutes at 10:18 pace. I ran too fast for the heat. 84 degrees and humid at 3:30 pm and I ran mostly in direct sun. I had to stop 3 times from overheating and let HR drop. I probably should have been running a 11:30 pace in that heat
  • thu: Locksley-Wildwood out and back. Ran 3.1 miles. Easy run
  • fri: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 38 minutes at 9:11 pace. Great weather for a hard run today in the VFF’s. This represents a very fast pace for me for this distance and I can’t be unhappy with it. I am starting to get a sense for the form and feel for what a “true running” pace is like as opposed to a jogging pace. This run had bursts in the 7:15 range which felt great… I just can’t sustain it yet.

    I am beginning to have some confidence that I can break an hour in the upcomming B.A.A 10K

  • sat: Boxford 35 mile loop. Rode 35.1 miles for 142 minutes at 14.80 mph. Great day for a cycling ride with the North Shore Cyclists (nscyc.org). My quads are a bit sore but other than that it was a great ride.
  • sun: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 43 minutes at 10:23 pace. Gorgeous morning. I took it nice and easy and enjoyed myself.
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