May 212011

Workouts 5
Time 228 min
Running 21.5 miles

  • mon: Kissing Pillings Pond. Ran 4.1 miles for 47 minutes at 11:37 pace. Recovery run in the rain wearing my VFF’s. Oh it was so nice to go “barefoot” after yesterday’s effort in my Sauconys. I tried to keep the pace as low as I possibly could. Using my half marathon time as my new best effort I have recalculated my target paces using the McMillan calculator as follows:

    Recovery Jogs 12:12 to 12:42
    Long Runs 11:12 to 12:12
    Easy Runs 11:12 to 11:42
    Steady-State Runs 10:09 to 10:26
    Tempo Runs 9:43 to 10:09
    Tempo Intervals 9:35 to 9:55
    400m 2:03.7 to 2:09.0
    800m 4:12.3 to 4:23.9

    Does anyone else find their target paces frustrating? Everyone who just wants to go out every day and run as fast as they can please raise your hand!

  • wed: Locksley-Essex out and back. Ran 4.2 miles for 39 minutes at 9:23 pace. Selfish run. I wanted to run fast and screw my training schedule. Felt awsome! Back to being a good little soldier tomorrow. Did half mile barefoot, then the 4.2 in VFF’s then 1 mile walk to cool down.
  • thu: Running workout. Ran 2.2 miles for 22 minutes at 10:14 pace. Ok that did not go well. My legs were feeling tweaked from yesterday *and* I picked the wrong shoes for today’s run. I started getting pain in the very upper of my left calf (almost to my knee pit) about half way through the run. Had to call the wife a half mile from home to come get me. I just iced it and I will cross-train next couple days and let things rest. As far as i can tell this isn’t an injury, just a tired muscle yelling at me.
  • fri: Slow easy miles. Ran 3.3 miles for 36 minutes at 10:58 pace. Yes I went for a run despite my plans to take some days off. I might have a running addiction issue. Well anyway I kept this light and easy and didn’t experience much discomfort until over 2 miles.
  • sun: Lynnfield-Summer-Essex-Loop. Ran 7.7 miles for 82 minutes at 10:43 pace. I had planned for a 12 mile run but shortened it at the last possible turnoff. Ever since I have been working on faster foot strikes my hamstrings get tired faster as I work to pull my feet off the ground faster and more frequently. I think I need to start some hamstring strength training.
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