Weekly Training Report for 2011-05-01

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Apr 302011

Workouts 6
Time 317 min
Running 26.1 miles

  • mon: Run easily so that you can carry a conversation. Ran 3.0 miles for 34 minutes at 11:24 pace. Run went well
  • tue: Warm up then alternate fast pace and slow pace then cooldown. Ran 3.0 miles for 35 minutes at 11:41 pace. Felt great. Solid run.
  • wed: Run easily so that you can carry a conversation. Ran 3.2 miles for 40 minutes at 12:55 pace. Terrible run. Legs felt like lead. Was hot and tired and ended up walking a lot at end
  • fri: Run a mile slow then slowely speed up to pace then slow down.. Ran 3.9 miles for 46 minutes at 12:04 pace. Garmin Forerunner 205305
  • sat: Long run at 90s behind race pace.. Ran 11.0 miles for 138 minutes at 12:32 pace. It was a gorgeous day and probabky for the first time in recent memory I actually ran slow enough.
  • sun: Easy recovery run. Ran 2.0 miles for 22 minutes at 11:00 pace. No issue but felt a bit tired from Saturday’s efforts
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2011 Boston Marathon

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Apr 292011

 I am very happy to report that I was able (barely) to complete the full 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston in 5:42:55!   It was a gorgeous day, with a light wind at our backs, partly cloudy and reasonable temperature.   The first half of the marathon went extremely well and I was well on my way to finish in under 5 hours with a 2:28 half marathon time.  As those of you who have been following my training know, I have been having trouble maintaining pace after 16 miles and unfortunately it was no different on marathon day.  By mile 21 I was in pretty bad shape and ended up walking and jogging the remaining 5 miles as best I could, stopping every half mile or so to stretch the cramps out of my legs.  I have to admit that there were times in that last hour that I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to finish, but the energy of the screaming crowds, the support of follow runners and the encouragement of my team coaches (who ran with me part of those last miles) made the difference.

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Weekly Training Report for 2011-04-24

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Apr 232011

Workouts 3
Time 559 min
Cycling 25.6 miles
Running 30.9 miles

  • mon: Boston Marathon. Ran 26.2 miles for 342 minutes at 13:05 pace. I DID IT!

    I was on pace the first half, but fell apart in the last 4 miles. I kept going and crossed the finish line.

  • fri: Running workout. Ran 4.7 miles for 56 minutes at 12:03 pace. Garmin Forerunner 205305
  • sun: Cycling ride with NSCYC. Rode 25.6 miles for 160 minutes at 9.59 mph. Got very hungry, next time I am going to eat a bigger breakfast and bring food.
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190 Pounds, 26% Body Fat (50 pounds of fat)

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Apr 202011

Well its official. I am stuck at 190.  I spent the last 7 months training for and running the Boston Marathon, running more than 800 miles in the process… and I lost only 7 pounds.  I wish I could explain it, but I can’t.  I had hoped the weight would melt off me like ice cream on a hot day.

BTW I tested the percent body fat 3 different ways including calipers, impedance fat machine and the James method (with neck and waist measurements).

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Weekly Training Report for 2011-04-17

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Apr 162011

Workouts 2
Time 57 min
Running 5.4 miles

  • mon: Run at a reasonably fast rate for 4 minutes and walk for 1. Ran 2.7 miles for 28 minutes at 10:38 pace. For such a short distance I am not sure the walk breaks helped much. It was very hot at 72
  • tue: Run the 2.7 mile loop without breaks.. Ran 2.7 miles for 28 minutes at 10:27 pace. I ran this at a brisk pace for me. Finished at 10:24 pace for this loop without killing myself
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Weekly Training Report for 2011-04-10

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Apr 092011

Workouts 4
Time 291 min
Running 26.0 miles

  • mon: 45-60 minutes with heart rate in aerobic zone (<160). Ran 6.2 miles for 60 minutes at 9:40 pace. an hour spent rowing
  • tue: Recovery from long run. Easy pace 1.5 – 2 minutes behind marathon pace. Ran 5.0 miles for 60 minutes at 12:00 pace. Ran slow at the gym on the track
  • wed: Easy run for approx 7 miles. Ran 6.9 miles for 79 minutes at 11:34 pace. Everything went very easy. No stops, took it slow
  • sat: Slow run with walk breaks every 8 minutes. Ran 7.9 miles for 91 minutes at 11:34 pace. Garmin Forerunner 205305
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Week 23 Training Update for Boston Marathon 2011

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Apr 032011

This first thing I want to mention is that you have so far raised $10,300 for Children’s Hospital by sponsoring me in the Boston Marathon.  This is an unusually high number for a charity runner to raise and it is due entirely to the generosity of all of you.  If you have not had an opportunity to register your sponsorship and feel you are able to contribute then you can do so here

Several very cool things have happened since my last update.   I received a letter from the Boston Athletic Association officially assigning me bib number 24795 and a corral assignment in wave 3.  This year the BAA changed the starting times a bit for the runners, putting the charity runners in wave 3 which will start running at 10:40, forty minutes after the gun goes off.  With 26,500 runners they have to release them in waves or else the roads will be choked.  I also received my Children’s Hospital singlet in the mail.  All the team members were very excited to get the singlet and I really like the design.  I will proudly wear it come race day representing Children’s.

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Weekly Training Report for 2011-04-03

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Apr 022011

Workouts 3
Time 195 min
Running 16.7 miles

  • mon: Recovery from long run. Easy pace 1.5 – 2 minutes behind marathon pace. Ran 6.0 miles for 70 minutes at 11:42 pace. I ran nice and slow. Still have bad rib pain
  • wed: 1 Mile warm up, 3 miles of marathon pace, 1 mile cool down. Ran 4.7 miles for 49 minutes at 10:36 pace. This went pretty well but I still have rib pain
  • thu: Longer mid week easy run. This is mostly to build miles for the week.. Ran 6.0 miles for 75 minutes at 12:30 pace. I was feeling very tired. My ribs still hurt and it started raining. Not a good run
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All About Diaphragm Cramps (“Stitches”)

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Apr 022011

A lot of runners experience what is often called “stitches”, or painful cramping below the ribs on the right or left side.  I had never really gotten a very bad stitch until my 21 mile training run for the Boston marathon.  That was the first time I had run so much downhill at once and I developed an excruciating cramp below my right rib which forced me to stop.  This spot was actually swollan and sore for 5 days following the training run.  I did a lot of googling and eventually I found what seems to be the best explanation and advice for these painful cramps.

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