Mar 072011

All in all a good week in training (for me):

Mon: 7 mi recovery run easy pace
Tue: 6 mi Fartlek run
Wed: Rest day
Thu: 6 mi tempo run
Fri : x-train 11,000 meter row + strength training
Sat: 17 mile on marathon course (natick, Wellesley, Newton)
Sun: 10,000 meter row

Total miles: 36

The long run was challenging since I ran down through Wellesely, then up heartbreak hill, on to BU and then reversed it all. Other than the hills I ran to keep my HR very low (for me) but let it drift upward on the steeper hills but never really pushed it. Finished feeling very tired. The reverse hills coming back up rt 16 really suck but it is good practice since I will be hitting hills around 16 miles on marathon day. I will say the traffic is really bad on rt 16 is really bad and ice is still a problem. The carriage road on Comm Ave is great though.

Once thing that was nice is I had someone to run with on the first 7 miles since one of my team members is recovering from a hip injury and was running nice and slow like me He turned around at 7 and I turned around at 8.5. I was last team member back to starting point (out of 50 runners).

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