Dec 252010

Workouts 2
Time 199 min
Running 16.6 miles

  • tue: Recovery from long run. Pace marathon pace + 1 Intervals of Run 3min, walk 30 seconds. Should be about 4.5 – 5 miles. Ran 4.4 miles for 57 minutes at 12:56 pace. Garmin Edge 205305
  • sat: Long run at MM*1.3+2 min pace, run 3 min, walk 30 seconds. Ran 12.2 miles for 142 minutes at 11:44 pace. I changed this run to be 4 min run 30 second walk. For most of the run except the last 2 miles I felt really great. My heart rate was a tad too fast and once again I probably ran this too fast fopr a training run
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