Dec 042010

Workouts 3
Time 224 min
Running 17.4 miles

  • tue: Recovery from long run. Pace marathon pace + 1 Intervals of Run 3min, walk 30 seconds. Should be about 4.5 – 5 miles. Ran 2.4 miles for 27 minutes at 11:30 pace. TREADMILL: only had time for half hour
  • wed: Run marathon pace using a runwalk ratio of run 2:30, walk 1 minute. Break up paced miles with light jogging.. Ran 3.8 miles for 50 minutes at 13:26 pace. TREADMILL: it was raining
  • sat: Long run at marathon pace+90, run 3 min, walk 30 seconds. Ran 11.2 miles for 146 minutes at 13:04 pace. Excellent run. I started out slow for first 3 miles and then naturally started drifting a tad faster when I was completely warmed up. Ended up finishing at 12:08 pace (including walk breaks)
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