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Nov 072010

I spent the week recovering from my foot injury.  Based on recommendations this is what I did:

  • Rest: No running
  • Ice: Icing the foot for 20 minutes at a time
  • Compression:  Picked up an ankle compression sleeve from Walgreens
  • Elevation:  Portion of each evening with foot on a cushion

In addition I ordered a stability disk from Amazon :Isokinetics Deluxe Balance Board.  I also went to Marathon Sports in Melrose and it was their analysis that my Brooks shoe had too much structure for my feet.  They put me in a Saucony shoe that I absolutely love.  I feel no pain when walking in it.

My foot is feel is feeling much better 7 days after I injured it.

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Weekly Training Report for 2010-11-07

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Nov 062010

Workouts 2
Time 120 min
Running 17.4 miles

  • mon: Road bike 40-50 minutes. Keep heart rate in aerobic zone.. Ran 12.4 miles for 50 minutes at 4:04 pace. Went well. Face was cold. Will add mask next time. Forgot to start watch until 4 miles. Manually corrected it.
  • sun: Long run at MM*1.3+4 min pace, run 4 min, walk 1 minute. Ran 5.0 miles for 70 minutes at 14:02 pace. I cannot run very well on the foot yet. Did 2 miles on treadmill and 3 on elliptical
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Nov 022010

I should have known that I would not escape from my first long run without a pain or two, but I have to admit I am a tad worried.  About 3 hours after I finished I started feeling a pain on the middle-bottom-left of my left foot.  Now I am limping around wincing on every step.  Apparently this is where the Peroneus tendon attaches to the foot.  Of course I googled the heck out of this and have read lots of posts from runners all over the world about this specific issue.  This is very common for runners who run a lot on treadmills who then start road running.  Or runners who start running trails after only runnnig on roads.  This is cause when the stability muscles of the leg and foot become strained.  The recommendation is to let it heal and then add some stability exercises to your daily regime.

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