Nov 242010

Ok for this workout I ran each lap for 2.5 minutes with a 1 minute walk break.  I was supposed to run slightly faster than marathon pace.  I think I got a tad carried away and ran too fast (for me) again considering that my current marathon pace is 11:30 (explained here).   It looks like I am averaging 9:20- 9: 40 pace with one interval actually 8:20.  Why do I think I ran too fast?  Because my heart rate was hitting 172 on each interval.  Now interestingly it was only on the 8:20 pace interval that I actually got winded. Also, according to the charts I ran the majority of the 5 miles in the aerobic threshhold zone, which would not be sustainable in a marathon.  Well the idea of the workout was that it will help train my body to run faster.  Hopefully these speed workouts will be helpful there.  I think it is encouraging that I was running the 9:40 pace without much issue.  It makes me wonder if that if a 10:00 pace could be sustainable and keep my heart rate under 165 and in the aerobic zone.  I think more experimention is needed.

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