Nov 202010

Workouts 4
Time 263 min
Running 21.9 miles

  • tue: Recovery from long run. Pace MM*1.3 + 3. Intervals of Run 3min, walk 30 seconds. Should be about 4.5 – 5 miles. Ran 4.8 miles for 58 minutes at 12:09 pace. I felt really good on this run. In fact I felt GREAT! I probably ran faster than I was supposed to for a recovery run, but I think it will be fine.
  • wed: Mix of Light Jogging and bursts of faster pace. Ran 2.7 miles for 29 minutes at 10:51 pace. My first attempt at a tempo run with no walking. I ended feeling winded. I guess I need more conditioning. Considering my final average pace was only 10:50
  • fri: Longer mid week easy run. This is mostly to build miles for the week.. Ran 4.8 miles for 54 minutes at 11:21 pace. Garmin Edge 205305
  • sun: Long run at MM*1.3+2 min pace, run 4 min, walk 1. Ran 9.6 miles for 121 minutes at 12:39 pace. Extremely difficult for me. Felt sluggish from the beginning. The ratio of run 4 min, walk 1 didn’t agree with me. Switched to 3 min 30 seconds 23 way through
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