Nov 192010

Today’s run was 5 miles at marathon pace taking walk breaks.  I experimented in the first half by running 5 minutes with a 30 second break.  I started to feel sluggish and switched to 3 minutes running with 30 second walk breaks.  Interestingly I ran the first half with an overall pace (including walk breaks) of 11:25 and the second half at 11:05.  I can tell I sped up the running parts in the last half and my HR reflects is at an average of 165.  I still don’t know if 165 will be ok.   If that is indeed over 80 percent of my max then that will not be sustainable for the whole marathon.

My running pace is around 10:20 – 10:30 right now, with the overall pace of 11:05 reflecting the walk breaks.  I am still very unhappy with the running speed, but hopefully that will improve with time.  I am also still not sure what the optimal run/walk ratio is.  I will be expereimenting with that quite a bit in the future.

Link to the actual workout is here

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