Nov 132010

Workouts 5
Time 324 min
Cycling 18.8 miles
Running 18.4 miles

  • tue: Treadmill recovery work. Foot still slightly tender.. Ran 3.0 miles for 44 minutes at 14:33 pace. Garmin Edge 205305
  • wed: Intervals of of pace 10:30 for 3 min walk 30 seconds. Ran 2.7 miles for 39 minutes at 14:40 pace. I guess I am not recovered from my cold. Heart rate was up 10 bpm on average and I ended on a 15 second slower pace. Ended up feeling winded.
  • thu: Road bike 40-50 minutes. Keep heart rate in aerobic zone.. Rode 18.8 miles for 84 minutes at 13.39 mph. With some new clothing I was quite comfortable. Gorgeous day, 48 degrees. Avg heart rate good.
  • fri: Intervals of medium pace for 3 min walk 1 minute. Ran 4.6 miles for 58 minutes at 12:31 pace. I think I overdid cross training yesterday. I felt tired when I started. Even though I ran fairly slow I had breath problems and HR is still too high. Muscles felt good though. Finished feeling strong.
  • sun: Long run at MM*1.3+2 min pace, run intervals of r3mw30s. Ran 8.0 miles for 97 minutes at 12:12 pace. Run went well. No issues.
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