Oct 302010

Today was my first “long run”.  When training marathons and half-marathons you have one “long run” a week, which increases in distance over the course of your training.  I will have a separate post on that.  This run was scheduled to be 7 miles and I laid out the course in advance using Training Peaks interactive route maker.

As you can see from the detail at the left I looped into town and back over the course.  I ran in intervals of 3 minute run / 30 second walk.  The training program calls for long runs to be marathon pace + 2 minutes.  Since I really don’t know what my marathon pace is yet I just ran as slow as I could.  The result was an overall pace of 12:42 including the walk breaks.  Since my 3 and 5 mile runs have usually been around 10:50 pace perhaps this is right on target.  My HR was 155, but I am sure that was effected by the times spent walking.  It looks like I was mostly around 162.  I don’t know yet if that is good or bad.

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