Oct 282010

So here a I am mid way through my first week training for the marathon.  Today was my third run and according to the schedule I am supposed to iterate running and walking at a 6:1 proportion.  i.e  run 3 minutes, walk 30 seconds, etc.

I picked out a route that was a loop from my house 2.7 miles long.  I had jogged this route many times in the past and was familiar with it.  You can click on the image to the right and see the detail.

I finished feeling out of breath because I upped the speed quite high (for me) at the end.  My average heart rate ended up being 154, which is 77% –  81% of max depending on what my max really.  Either way, it is higher than it should be for today’s run.  My average pace ended up being 11.11 min/mile

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